Simon McClelland-Williamson

University of Georgia - Currently enrolled. Expect to complete Ph.D. in Political Science ~2020
University of Georgia – M.A. Political Science, 2016
Vega, The Brand Communications School – B.A. Communication Management, 2005

Edited Articles
Bill history: “The Anti-Apartheid Bill of 1986” for the University of Georgia Congress Project.

Teaching and Research interests
American Political Institutions – Congress and the Presidency
Political Behavior and Psychology – Partisanship, Political Sophistication

Grants and awards
2017 APSA Annual Meeting Travel Grant

Recent Convention Presentations
”Partisanship and Surveys: How Activating Partisan Identity Can Affect Respondent Answers” - sole author, presented at the Southern Political Science Association Annual Meeting.

“President No: Congressional Responses to Veto Threats From The Executive” – sole author, presented at the Southern Political Science Association Annual Meeting.

“The Differential Effects of Gender Discrimination on Liberal and Conservative Women’s Political Engagement” – authored by Dr Alexa Bankert, presented at the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting.

Manuscripts in Progress
- A Prime Example: The Effects of Randomization on Unintentional Priming in Surveys, with Alice Kisaalita
- President No: Congressional Responses to Veto Threats From The Executive.
- Priming Partisanship: How Activating Partisan Identity Affects Survey Responses.
- Interbranch Warfare: Senate Amending Process and Restrictive House Rules. With Anthony J Madonna, Ryan D Williamson, Laine P Shay, and Jordan McKissick.
- The Role of Political Sophistication on Congressional Activities: The Role Of Constituent Awareness

Research experience
Research Assistant: James P Monogan: Spring semester 2016. Coded immigrant-related laws in the 50 states for a policy database.
Research Assistant: Geoffrey Sheagley: Fall semester 2018. “Multiple Meanings? An Exploration of the Content of Attitudes About Voter Fraud.”
Research Assistant: Anthony J Madonna and Michael S Lynch. “University of Georgia Congress Project”

Teaching experience
Teaching Assistant:
POLS 1101: American Government (Fall 2017, Spring 2017)

Professor of Record:
POLS 4520: Campaign Politics (Spring 2019)

Professional Memberships
American Political Science Association
Midwest Political Science Association
Southern Political Science Association

Available upon request